Planning & Development

Kirkby Diamond’s Planning and Development Team specialises in providing tailored advice and representation to landowners and developers at any and all points throughout the entire development process.

Established since the partnership started in 1980, the department now enjoys an extensive client base of landowners, developers, family trusts and public sector clients, along with an unrivalled reputation throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire for client focus and the drive to ensure timely completion of the deal.

We quickly identify the aims and goals of our clients and personalise our service to each individual circumstance. Our involvement often commences at the initial conception of a development proposal, which could be triggered by a landowner’s desire to dispose of land within their ownership, or from an expression of interest by a developer.

Sometimes our advice is sought by numerous landowners wishing to assemble a development site from several adjoining ownerships. Here our proficiency in collaboration agreements, together with our mediation skills can make the difference that keeps transactions together.

Likewise, if your development has already progressed, our expertise can be applied just as effectively during the later stages of a land transaction, for instance to undertake and manage the marketing process, or to support our clients in negotiations with a Planning Authority for Section 106 contributions.

In any circumstance, the optimisation of your land or development is assured. Whether you are a landowner or developer with interest in a small or extensive area of land, with or without planning permission, our broad range of knowledge and in-depth experience will ensure that your ambitions are met.

Contact the Planning & Development team at Milton Keynes or view the following services for more information:

  • Option Agreements
  • Strategic land assembly and Collaboration Agreements
  • Land Use & Development Appraisals
  • Planning Applications and Appeals
  • Sale of land with or without planning permission
  • Project Management
  • Section 106 Negotiations and Viability Assessment
  • Expert Witness Reports for land disputes
  • Negotiation of Overage and Clawback provisions

Initiation and negotiation of Option and Promotion Agreements on behalf of Landowners.

Strategic Land Assembly and Collaboration Agreements where more than one Landowner is involved.

Sale of land with or without Planning Permission

We can provide advice relating to the best marketing strategy, the production of professionally designed brochures and a comprehensive Data Room facility to hold all supporting information

Development Appraisals & Land Valuation

Representations to Local Planning Authorities seeking the allocation of land for development within local planning policy

Section 106 negotiations and Viability Assessments

Negotiation of Overage and Clawback provisions

Planning Applications and Appeals

Expert Witness reports to assist with settling land disputes.

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