About Us

We could be like most other firms and tell you what we do, how old the firm is and where we are located.

What we could tell you here is what every other surveying firm does, our history and what we stand for.

We could tell you:

  • We are a multi award winning commercial agency.
  • How our land and planning department has been involved with some of the biggest residential and commercial developments across the home counties.
  • How our professional services, building consultancy and property management departments have dealt with most of the properties in the region.
  • We are the largest property consultancy in the region.

Whilst all of this is true, at Kirkby Diamond we like to be different. We are a company with a shared vision and it is our people that sets us apart from the competition. Here is what our people have to say about us:

Strong close knit team

I enjoy working at Kirkby Diamond as I am given the autonomy to work independently and also as part of a close knit team. Kirkby Diamond is very much a company who sees you as an individual and not a number.

Staff & clients at the heart

I truly believe Kirkby Diamond has their staff and clients at the heart of everything they do and is the driving force behind every direction the company takes.

We are vibrant

Kirkby Diamond's culture is its personality. As a team, we are vibrant, energetic and work hard.

Likeminded individuals

I enjoy working at Kirkby Diamond because the teams that make up the business are full of likeminded individuals who make the office a professional, but fun place to be.

We are a business built by property professionals with a proactive team who ensure they get the best results for their clients, which is demonstrated through our proven track record.

We could tell you all the things we do best, but that would be taking our word for it. We thought we would let our clients tell you what they think about us.

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