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Facing property boundary issues can be stressful and upsetting, especially if you disagree with another party about who the boundaries belong to. Rather than just searching for a boundary dispute surveyor near me and picking the first choice, take a look at what we offer at Kirkby Diamond so that you can be confident that whatever the outcome, you will feel in control.

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What is a Boundary Dispute?

In short, a boundary dispute is when property owners are in disagreement about the boundaries of at least two properties. They can take the form of disagreeing about boundary positions, boundary responsibilities and even be part of a larger property dispute that needs expert support to resolve, including where trees are blocking light or where roots have caused damage.

Other common boundary disputes occur when new buildings are erected, leaving property owners with disagreements over their right of way or access to light. Ultimately, when there is a boundary dispute, the best way to resolve it is to employ a boundary dispute surveyor that can help work out who owns what in conjunction with the other parties’ surveyors and legal teams.

What is the 10 Year Boundary Rule?

One of the most common queries we get when someone is looking for a boundary dispute surveyor near me is whether they can argue that the boundaries have been in place for over ten years. In these cases, there is precedent to argue that the long use of the land means that they now own it through the adverse possession law.

Whatever your boundary issues are, you can be certain that Kirkby Diamond has the best boundary dispute surveyors, backed by a great legal team who will all work hard to help you achieve the outcome you are looking for.

A Team That Works Hard for You

When you are ready to instruct a boundary dispute surveyor, it is important that you choose a firm that has excellent local knowledge and is committed to providing the best service. Plus, it is always wise to opt for a full-service firm that has access to other property specialists, especially if your dispute forms part of a larger complaint.

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Rather than continuing your search, you can be certain that the Kirkby Diamond team is what you need! We are committed to employing the best individuals with the best qualifications so that you can be confident that the results of your case will achieve what you need. We will never make promises that we are unable to keep, and our team will ensure you are always up to speed on the progress of the work we are doing for you.

If you like the sound of what we offer and want to get your questions answered, then connect with one of our team today to arrange an initial discussion and share information on the boundary problems you are having. When you find out what we can do to help you, you’ll be pleased to have stopped searching for a boundary dispute surveyor near me! Call us today – we look forward to helping you.